Get an Expert Brand Plan for Your Business

Get an Expert Brand Plan for your Business

Get an expert Brand Plan for your business.

A companies ‘Brand Plan’ should cover a lot more than just its logo and colour palette. It should be a comprehensive Digital and Content Marketing Strategy.

It should be a plan for growth.

As important as this body of work is, many early stage businesses just haven’t had the time or money to do it (understandably). Whilst some more established businesses may have done it years ago, and it’s now well out of date.

Mostly, many businesses just end up running with what they’ve got at the time.

But with business growth comes business need – and whilst many still won’t have the budget for a full strategic review of their brand, content, and marketing initiatives (which can be upwards of 10k), any successful fast-growing business has to have a plan for this stuff in order to reach their potential.

That’s why here at Remap Online we’ve created the Strategy Lite.

The Strategy Lite is an expert Brand Plan that is built for the modern age. Focussed on how you can win customers across Web, Search & Social, the Strategy Lite offers your business an inexpensive, fast, yet very comprehensive Brand Planning process.

If you’re building a business, and you don’t have your own documented strategy (or the one you do have is dated), then don’t spend another cent on any marketing or advertising activity until you get your own Strategy Lite.

Tell me more about the “Strategy Lite”.

The Strategy Lite is an affordable and comprehensive Brand Plan by Remap Online.

This digital and content marketing document is generated by our team over a 2 week period, where we deep dive into the requirements of both your company and your audience (a.k.a future customers …very important).

Through our partnerships with LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram and Google, our team get access to the latest insights and intelligence, so they can bring you the best ideas and advice from around the world.

Brands have completely changed over the past 2 years. So if your brand plan is non-existent or lacks a little lustre then now is the time to put the “b” back into your business.

Brand Plans are a critical tool for any company to win online.

They work best when they’re integrated across channels. Connecting social media marketing, your website and SEO, email marketing, Google ad campaigns, data, CRM and more.

Utility in digital is absolutely central to success.

Functionality, community, social connections and influencer marketing must be a priority if you are going to win online. If your current plan doesn’t cover these areas, chuck it in the bin and read on, because this is for you.

Our team have made it unbelievably easy for you to get a new Brand Plan for your business.

All you have to do is download our interactive PDF,  fill it out with some information about your business, and send it back to us.

The whole exercise for you will take less than 15 minutes.

Then our expert team will do the rest, and within 2 weeks you’ll have your very own Brand Plan to grow your business, fast!

Not convinced? Learn more about the Six Steps to Success.

There are Six Critical Steps that every business must take if they’re going to succeed wildly in their chosen field.

Step 1: Get your own Digital & Content Marketing Strategy documented.

Creating, managing and amplifying compelling, relevant content is absolutely paramount to business success today. If you need to understand more about the power of having your own documented strategy then check out Volume 1 of Digital Marketing Magazine. Here, you can learn the skills, processes and tools that you need to grow your business …fast!

If you don’t understand why you should invest in a documented Digital and Content Marketing Strategy, or you’re not sure if what you have already is still adequate, then learn more in Volume 1 of Digital Marketing Magazine. 

…download it here, free.

Please note: The Strategy Lite is a paid-for service and is not something we can provide for free. It’s just too much work (sorry). You can see what it costs and learn more about the ‘Strategy Lite’ here.

Also, any Brand Plan we create is only ever as good as the information it’s built on. So if you go ahead please make sure that whatever you send through is accurate, recent, and (most importantly) that you actually have the right to use it.

Remember, the misuse of data now comes with a health warning.

Remap Online will handle your information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and you can learn more about that in our Privacy Policy here.

Get more information about our Strategy Lite here.