Build Customer Relationships with Meaningful eCommerce experiences

Get the most out of your Customer Relationships with more meaningful eCommerce experiences

Get the most out of your Customer Relationships with more meaningful eCommerce experiences.

Discovery Commerce is a collection of tools from Facebook & Instagram powered by data and machine learning.

Sounds fancy, right? Well, it is.

These tools can help you turn the old concept of retail on its head. Instead of looking for ‘foot traffic’ and placing your store or your offer in front of it, this system sets out on a different footing. It matches your products with the people who are most likely to love them and buy them.

For customers, it’s great. They get to see ads that are more relevant and less likely to make them angry. For business owners, it’s the key to unlocking fast-growing and sustainable online revenue.

The fundamental elements of the Discovery Commerce system are outlined in four main parts:


Personalise with data.


    • Rich data and machine learning work together.
    • There’s no way that the average SME in Australia will create their own set of technologies and tools that can power up their business like this.
    • But that’s ok because Facebook & Instagram have built them for you and are offering them to you for free. (Yes, free).
    • By using these tools, you can set your business up for maximum value.


Inspire with creativity on engaging surfaces.



Convert with ads and tools.


    • Ads and tools are where the ‘rubber hits the road’.
    • You need to know what takes someone from discovery to purchase.
    • Every brand needs to try and create a modern shopping journey that matters.
    • What is a modern shopping journey? It’s one where you consider your target audience’s physical and digital touchpoints on their way to becoming a customer.
    • Consumers (nowadays) don’t just stay in one lane. We all look to many different angles before we decide (and so we should).
    • Discovery on social, consideration via search and transaction on the web could be a standard model (but not the only one).
    • Either way, it all should work together, from discovery to purchase, across multiple channels.


Learn and optimise with measurement.


    • Learning and optimising mid-campaign is where digital marketing has the stick over traditional marketing every time.
    • In digital, you can make sure each effort counts.
    • Every ad dollar can be tracked and accounted for in terms of sales performance.
    • Return on Ad Spend (or ROAS for short) ensures your ad dollars get spent efficiently and effectively.

The Discovery Commerce system on Facebook and Instagram is an end-to-end integrated solution that helps grow your business by matching products to people.

You can go to the Facebook (or Meta as it’s now known) Business Portal and partake in their free ‘breakthrough’ learning materials to learn more about this system.

Or you can pick up the phone and call an Agency that is an Official Partner (hint, hint.)

The choice is yours.

Either way, your competitors are looking at this too.

Are you?