For Start-Ups and SMEs, Digital Marketing Bootcamps are Essential

For Start-Ups and SMEs, Digital Marketing Bootcamps are Essential

For Start-Ups and SMEs, Digital Marketing Bootcamps are Essential.

Digital Marketing Bootcamps are an essential tool for Start-Ups and SMEs to make the most out of our technology-driven future. Like it or not, technology represents a major opportunity for Australian Businesses.

…it can help them develop new products, access new markets, work more efficiently or improve their bottom line (

Either way, everyone knows technology will be central to any future success.

But technology moves fast, and it waits for no one.

As a business owner, you don’t have time to visit a classroom one night a week or wait until your intern finishes their four-year degree.

You need to act now, which means you need to know it now.

Making business decisions without knowledge or understanding of the subject is extremely dangerous. Sooner or later, that practice is likely to bring your business undone.

On the other hand, business builders don’t have time to dive deep into every subject – practising that can lead to paralysis by analysis. Again, sooner or later, that will bring your business undone too.

While plenty of theoretical short-form courses are out there, the need for more information that is easily understood (and quickly implemented into your business) has inspired a new generation of education and training – the Digital Marketing Boot Camp.

A boot camp is a short-term training program that prepares you for real-world challenges, not just theory.

Boot camps should be practical, grounded in real-world examples, and leave with a well-rounded view of a particular subject. Notably, the information should be presented in a way that is easy to digest and understand in a short period.

Why are they essential?

Taking part in these short (but intense) bouts of education on a specific topic offers business builders the chance to make accurate & robust business decisions with proficiency and speed.

Grazing on a topic over time is slow, and getting a deep understanding of things is challenging. You tend to stay at the surface level, leading to decision-making procrastination.

Again, something that will hurt your business sooner or later.

Bootcamps are less likely to be taken at your own pace and are more specific. Rather than covering a wide range of materials.

The short, sharp, specific nature of a Bootcamp makes it so powerful for Start-Ups and Small Businesses because it lets you target something important to your business now. Not next month, or next year …now.

Over the past few years, we’ve helped many of our clients understand the issues and opportunities their business faces today. Feedback has shown that by helping them do this, they’ve been able to make business-critical decisions with both precision and speed.

Whether on Instagram, with lead ads, or the difference between LinkedIn and their Audience Network, Google’s dynamic ads, or tips and best practices around the value of offline data and how to align that with Sales.

We’ve repeatedly heard from our clients that there just isn’t a series out there that covers these topics from an Australian business perspective – and that’s what is most important to them.

Imagine if there was a Digital Marketing Bootcamp on how best to use Instagram in your marketing strategy, crafting video for mobile, performance marketing best practices, and especially the biggest one, which is what you need to know to meet the changing regulations around how you use data and more.

For Australian Startups and SMEs, all of these issues need to be viewed through an Australian lens. Especially those issues around content and creativity and government regulation.

Understanding these issues has proven to be so important for our Clients over the past few years, which is why we’re launching a series of Digital Marketing Bootcamps in 2023 to help more than just our current list of partners.

We’re going to use our network through Digital Marketing Magazine to bring you a series of interviews and interactive online sessions with some of Australia’s top digital executives. So you can hear from the best in the business and come to understand the issues of today in order to help you build the industries of tomorrow.

All of this will be packaged up in short, sharp, well-balanced sessions so you can get into the issues that matter to you and then make the decisions that will grow your business fast!

It’ll be a big year as we’re trying to do at least one Digital Marketing Bootcamp each quarter, so there’s no time to waste – let’s get started.

Stu Stevens – Managing Director of Remap Online

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