Instagram isn’t just for Brand Building, it’s for Sales.
Instagram isn’t just for Brand Building, it’s for Sales.

Your customers are attracted to your products, not only because they’re well made, but also because they look beautiful. Are your Instagram posts reflecting that aesthetic value? 

Good photography, well-designed content, and carefully chosen colour palettes make the difference between a fast-growing Instagram following and… *crickets*. Social media is a competitive space, so only the most attractive and engaging content gets attention.

There are some basic steps you need to take in order to grab the eyeballs of your audience:

  • spend some time and effort creating a colour palette that captures the style and identity of your brand,
  • invest in quality photography to make your products shine, 
  • allocate resources to communicating with your followers. It’s called social media for a reason; it’s a space for interaction so people appreciate it when you respond to them.

Optimising your Instagram opportunities requires time, energy and skill. 

Remap Online has developed a 7 x Step Guide to becoming an Instagram Master, without having to go back to school.

Contact Us today and ask for your copy. 

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