Retargeting: A Vital Tool for any Online Business

Retargeting: it’s a vital tool for converting social media ‘likes’ into paying customers. 

What proportion of people who engage with your content go on to buy something from you in the same session?? 

Probably less than 1% right? 

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that involves reconnecting with those people and putting your products and services in front of them (and only them) again, and again. It’s a vital sales tool because people are much more likely to buy from you on their second or third time around.

Plus it is extremely cost-effective because you’re not wasting money putting your brand in front of people who just don’t care about you.

Even if your social audience doesn’t click through to your website, and they only interact with your content on Instagram or  Facebook page, you can use retargeting to make sure they see your brand message next time they get on online. Doubling your brand exposure, and halving your costs, because social media is a visual medium, that can make your products shine.

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