Get an Expert Brand Plan for Your Business

Get an Expert Brand Plan for your Business

Get an expert Brand Plan for your business.

If you don’t have a Brand Plan or your current Brand Plan is dated, then you need to work with our expert team and get a new one.

Through our partnerships with Facebook and Google, our team get access to the latest insights and intelligence, so they can bring you the best ideas and advice from around the world.

Brands have completely changed over the past 2 years. So if your brand plan is non-existent or lacks a little lustre then now is the time to put the “b” back into your business.

Brand Plans are a critical tool for any company to win online. They work best when they’re integrated across channels. Connecting social media marketing, your website and SEO, email marketing, Google ad campaigns and more.

Utility in digital is absolutely central to success.

Functionality, community, social connections and influencer marketing must be a priority if you are going to win online. If your current plan doesn’t cover these areas, chuck it in the bin and read on, because this is for you.

Our team have made it unbelievably easy for you to get a new Brand Plan for your business. All you have to do is download our interactive PDF,  fill it out with some information about your business, and send it back to us.

The whole exercise for you should take less than 15 minutes.

Then our team will do the rest.

It’s that easy!

Note: The rest of this post is for current Clients only. If youre looking to grow your business, but haven’t signed up yet, Contact Us.

Signed Up? Ok, let’s get started.

First you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Then fill in your details via the form below and download our Brand Planning Checklist.

Open it in Acrobat Reader and follow the prompts to fill it in with your company details.

Once you’re done, click “Submit Form” and huzzah!

You’ve completed the questionnaire!

We’ve worked hard to make this process as quick, and easy, and straightforward as we can – because we know busy business builders like you don’t have a lot of spare time.

Why do I need to download this checklist?

There are four main points that underpin any successful brand plan;

  1. Existence
  2. Purpose
  3. Identity
  4. Connection

Out of these four points, “connection” is usually the most overlooked. But in Digital Marketing, making connections is the main game.

So what are ‘connections’?

Well here’s a good definition from Shopify, and here’s a great article from our team that shows why community management is the key to eCommerce.

Connections are all of the entities that your brand is connected to online. People, places, things, and other brands are just a few of the different types of connections you can make. All are essential if you’re going to build a successful business online.

So if your current plan is looking shabby or you can’t find it all, then why don’t you take 15 minutes, download our checklist and get our team to make you a new one?

There are only two times in life; Now, and too late.

So let’s get started.

What’s in a Brand Plan from Remap Online?


  1. We create an outline of your business and take a look at how your products, services and company began.
  2. We define your audience and your business personality.
  3. Competitors are always worth a quick look, but we’ll be careful not to dwell.
  4. We’ll develop your brand statement.
  5. Document your visual identity with a Colour Palette and Mood Board.
  6. Most importantly, we’ll outline a plan for your brand to make Connections on Facebook and
  7. Finally, we’ll outline your Influencer Marketing framework so your business can grow, fast!

So what are you waiting for?


Download the Brand Planning Checklist today – so our team can get started!

(Please note: this is for current clients only. Interested? Contact Us)

Please note: This service is for current Clients only and is not something we provide for free. It’s just too much work (sorry). Also, any Brand Plan we create is only ever as good as the information it’s built on. So please make sure that whatever you send through is accurate, recent, and (most importantly) that you actually have the right to use it. Remember, the misuse of data now comes with a health warning. Remap Online will handle your information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and you can learn more about that in our Privacy Policy here. Now enough of the formalities, let’s get started!

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