Why Your Business Needs to Build an Authentic Instagram Audience

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Why Your Business Needs to Build an Authentic Instagram Audience.

It’s simply not enough to have a large following. The size of your audience is no longer a precursor to the volume of revenue you can get through any channel. Your audience must be engaged and invested in the content you’re creating, and the story that you’re telling.

Vanity metrics are precisely that; they’re metrics that you can look at to make yourself feel great (well superficially at least).

Views, reach and good old impressions are just not strong enough anymore to precipitate user action, and transaction.

If your followers don’t know who you are or what you do, they’re far less likely to buy your products or services.

But to build engagement, and to develop that authenticity takes time. You need to approach this with the long game in mind.

Start with a Content Strategy, determine what your audience wants to hear along with what your brand wants to say, and identify the topic areas where you can play and win.

This is something that we do with all of our Clients here are Remap.

Before we start anything, we make sure that the content we are going to work with aligns with our Client’s long term business goals, and that any marketing operation needs to have Conversational Commerce built into it.

You see engagement in digital media is much like it is in society. It is more than a page like, or throw away comment. It’s about building engagement with members of communities. That takes two-way conversation, and as a brand, you need to become an integral part of that conversation.

It can seem intimidating at first, but if you use a content strategy that harnesses your organisations existing strengths, and the passion points of the people that work in it, building an engaged following can be achieved quite quickly and effectively.

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