Online shopping: have consumer priorities changed forever?
Ecommerce in the 2019 financial year was bigger than ever. Research by Wiser found that a whopping 48% of consumers now prefer to shop online instead of in a brick and mortar store.

The disruptive power of e-commerce is a serious threat to traditional retail business models, but it’s great news for some companies. Who stands to benefit? Businesses with the foresight and creativity to make the move to online trading.

What will drive successful e-commerce in 2020?

Putting a bunch of products on a website isn’t enough to make an online store successful. Online consumers have high standards because they’re spoilt for choice. With literally millions of vendors to choose from in a global e-commerce marketplace, online shoppers are more likely to buy from the stores that seek to tick all the boxes.

So what are today’s consumers looking for in an online retailer? 

You might think that having the lowest price or offering free shipping would be the number one criteria, but it’s not that simple. The most important feature that drives retail sales online, according to research by MarketingLand, is information. 

“Nearly 70 percent of consumers chose “not enough information or details provided” as a reason they’ve left an e-commerce website or product page… This beat several other factors that you may have thought would be more likely, such as the “price was too high” or even concerns around consumer protection in case “the product is fake/counterfeit.” – MarketingLand

Give your customers what they want, how, when and where they want it.

Online shoppers want to be well informed about the products they’re browsing. Well written, accurate descriptions, clear images and explanatory videos are the make-or-break of online selling.

Narrative is the backbone, the frame, or the construct that holds information together and portrays it in a way that is easily digestible by audiences, in order to help them form a particular view. Narrative is the secret sauce of content marketing because it has the power to directly influence online shoppers. 

  • If you’re planning to grow your e-commerce business in 2020, the quality and usefulness of your content will be the thing that makes your online business stand out.  

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