The rising eCommerce market is reshaping a lot more than the Retail Sales Industry.

The rise of eCommerce is changing much more than Retail sales.

The lock down measures that were enforced due to the pandemic have driven the rate of online shopping skyrocketing. Not only is that a bonanza for online retailer’s, ecommerce is now becoming such a big slice of the total retail sales pie, that the entire supply chain is reorganising. 

This is starting to reshape much more than just the front end of the retail sales industry. 

Commercial property is now looking to eCommerce to keep it growing amongst an otherwise sharp financial downturn. 

Amazon is building a new fulfilment centre in Brisbane that will be around the same size as two Rugby League fields, housing more than half a million items. Whilst in NSW, the demand for home delivered groceries that are fresh, is growing so strongly that it has seen Dexus expand its footprint into the cold storage sector with the purchase of a site in Sydney’s West for $100 Million.  

Investments of this size aren’t taken lightly. I can only imagine their research revealed that a growing eCommerce industry is here to stay. 

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