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Vol 4 - Digital Marketing Magazine
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In Vol 4 You'll Learn About
  • Smartphone Photography

  • Using Shutterspeed

  • Understand your F-Stop

  • Composition

  • Using Light

  • Taking Video

  • Post Production


Vol 4 - Digital Marketing Magazine

Content production costs are the number one challenge for brands today (Hubspot ‘State of Marketing’ report 2022).

Yet almost every organisation on the planet already has all of the equipment & technology they need to overcome this challenge and grow their business – fast.

Chances are it’s sitting within arms reach of you right now. You just don’t know how to use it and unlock its massive potential to power up your business.

It’s called …the Smartphone.

Today’s Smartphone camera’s are extremely powerful and jam-packed with all the functionality that any professional photographer might need to capture amazing images and create awesome videos.

You just need to know how to use it, and feel like you can.

Vol 4 of Digital Marketing Magazine is designed to help you to educate and empower yourself, and your team, to use the technology that you’ve already got, and build a pipeline that delivers high-quality content on a regular basis, absolutely FREE.

Download Volume 4 of Digital Marketing Magazine and get the Ultimate Guide to Smartphone Photography for your Business.

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Anyone can take some random happy snaps with their Smartphone. But in business, it’s the companies that understand the power of content, and those that know how to use it who will grow the fastest.

Master the dark arts of Smartphone Photography for Business – and build a FREE pipeline of original photographic and motion picture (video) content.

We know there’s a lot to learn. But even if you can put just some of the information into practice, you’ll see a business boost.

Have a go. Make an effort. Empower your team and you’re bound to get some images & videos that convey emotion and actually tell a story.

Excellent quality content that conveys the right emotions to your customers, at the right time is business-critical to marketing online today.

Without an array of great content that can tell your brand story, you’ll only see your competitors fly by as they win new customers and build their bottom line, and you don’t.

Get cracking; download now.

Image of the new iPhone 12 and it’s incredible camera and lens for taking smartphone photos for your business.
Digital Marketing Magazine Cover – Volume 4 (16×9)
Person taking photos of the food they sell in a restaurant for online sales and ecommerce via their Shopify site.

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We know our future customers want to see our finished kitchens – to get inspired and develop confidence in our designs. Until we started working with Remap, we had huge costs in photography. Now our own team generate 80% of everything we need – all with their Smartphone.

Steve Baalbaki, Owner - Sydney Kitchens

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