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Vol 1 - Digital Marketing Magazine
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Vol 1 - Digital Marketing Magazine

If you’re looking to build or acquire digital marketing capability to grow your business fast, then this is for you.

In Volume 1 of Digital Marketing Magazine, we outline six key steps any business builder can take to develop their own cutting-edge digital marketing capabilities.

Things have changed dramatically in just the past few years. Federal Governments the world over are tightening data and privacy laws.

AI has launched on the scene with unprecedented growth.

Companies with enormous market power, such as Apple, are putting user privacy front and centre of their product designs, driving a wedge in the data-centric business models of modern-day ad platforms like Facebook and Google.

Things have changed, and if you’re going to compete, you need to future-proof this part of your business operations.

It’s mission critical.

Download Vol 1 now, and you can easily see what you may be doing right (and wrong) and understand the skills, processes and tools that you need to grow your business today, and into the future.

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We now live in the era of mobile, social and video.

Devices like Apple’s iPhone, combined with the internet speed delivered by today’s 5G networks plus the increasing sophistication of platforms like Google and Facebook have all changed the face of advertising and marketing as we knew it.

Now, AI and ChatGPT along with the rise of Ad Blocking are forcing all businesses to re-evaluate how they find new customers.

Those businesses that figure out how to use this to their advantage are winning. Those that just can’t get their head around it, are being left behind.

Marketing and advertising as it was known in the last decade has fundamentally changed. Any business that practice’s that today simply can’t compete. Media continues to fragment, and the number of channels that all businesses have to use are expanding. Keeping pace with this requires companies to have a ‘content and storytelling’ capability that can be deployed across channels and devices. Being proficient at it means you can more accurately control your brand message, build trust and win new customers. Being incompetent at it, means you’ll watch your competitors fly by.

Anyone trying to build a business from anywhere in the world is now being forced to spend more on these new digital and content marketing capabilities.

So whether you like it or not – this is a space all businesses must become proficient at, and these Six Steps for Success are easy for anyone to take.

DMM Vol 1 – Six Steps for Digital Marketing Success

We Helped This Client

Adam Dodd the Founder and Business Owner of Anvil and Hammer – World Class kitchen knives on Amazon

The team at Remap gave us the digital and content strategy we needed, to expand beyond Amazon and into Shopify with Facebook and Instagram sales channels. We now have two fundamental pathways to market in 7 x different countries worldwide.

Adam Dodd, Founder - ANVIL & HAMMER - Fine Kitchen Knives

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