Helping Telstra
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  • Client: Telstra
  • Year: 2018
  • Role: Content
  • Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO

  • Key Word Analysis

  • Lead Generation

  • Demand Generation

Telstra Smarter Business

For small business owners, Telstra understands that their business is everything to them. It’s their purpose, it’s what gets them up in the morning and what keeps them up at night.

Believe us we get it too! Which is why Telstra hired us to put together a team of business and technology journalists, editors, influencers & social media marketers to help Australia’s community of SME’s, access the technology and know-how they need to work smarter, and get ahead of the competition, to grow their business and, most importantly, keep their customers happy.


Telstra’s Smarter Business platform was created to simultaneously bring well-researched, high-quality and award winning content to business owners, whilst at the same time providing Telstra with a sophisticated digital marketing strategy and lead generation model that is designed to increase the conversion rate of their sales teams.


Our team started off just doing the content strategy and production for this project, and after a while it became clear that the paid search, and social media marketing, needed to be part of that process. What to say, and who to say it too, when, where, how and why + (importantly) how to respond when the audience is engaged in a conversation with the brand is all part of the same online marketing effort.

That’s the reality of todays brand communications environment – you no longer get a one-way (we say, you listen) broadcast model. Online, its two way conversations where your audience has about as much power to amplify their message as you do yours.


Once our team picked up the management of the Paid, Earned and Owned audience development process for Telstra’s Smarter Business, we grew the program 300% in the first quarter alone.

Our team worked across the development of data segments, use of content engagement to create look a like audiences and support retargeting campaigns that were highly effective at driving conversion.

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